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Loan Prospector® Feedback

Clear Direction, Key Information, Easy to Access & Use

Loan Prospector feedback includes:

  • Comprehensive Feedback Certificate
  • Documentation Checklist

Comprehensive Feedback Certificate

Highlighted at the top of your Loan Prospector Feedback Certificate you’ll find your loan’s purchase eligibility information. In addition, you’ll also find key information to help you:

  • Recognize loan requirements and documentation needs
  • Determine delivery fees
  • Verify mortgage insurance requirements
  • Determine next steps in the loan submission process
  • Confirm the date beyond which Loan Prospector will reorder credit data if the loan is resubmitted
  • Identify some of the characteristics for your specific loan, such as:
    • Occupant Housing Ratio
    • Occupant Debt Ratio
    • Cash Out Amount
  • Identify stated subject property values that may be potentially excessive compared to local market property values.

Documentation Checklist

Simply print the Document Checklist and use it to make sure you have the necessary documentation in the loan file.

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