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You have your Loan Prospector® User ID and Password and you can't wait to get started. You're pleased that no training is necessary, but maybe you'd like some guidance now and then – tips and tools that can help you improve your processes and increase profitability.

Freddie Mac Campus® offers the training and resources that will prepare you to make home possible for more of your customers. Learn how to qualify more borrowers using Loan Prospector and Freddie Mac mortgage products!

Visit our Learning Center and get familiar with the training and education resources that are available to help you get started. To see what's new and changed recently, go to What's Changed in Underwriting.

Loan Prospector - New Customers

Course NameDescriptionResources
Loan Prospector – How it Works This tutorial provides the basic information you will need to begin using Loan Prospector, Freddie Mac's automated underwriting service. Start tutorial
Loan Prospector Functionality This interactive webinar provides you with a more comprehensive look at Loan Prospector's services and the information you need to know to successfully enter data in Loan Prospector and submit your loan. Whether you are entering data directly, or importing from your loan origination system, we'll cover some of the most common data entry questions. More information and registration
Loan Prospector Feedback Results This 90-minute interactive webinar picks up after the "Loan Prospector Functionality" webinar that ends with submitting a loan for an assessment. In this session we'll take a close look at the different types of Loan Prospector results you'll receive, how to validate the data Loan Prospector used in its assessment, and what these results mean to you. More information and registration

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