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Loan Prospector Tip: Understanding the Loan Prospector 'CS/LTV Fee Level'

The Credit Score/Loan-to-Value (CS/LTV) Fee Level field, found at the top of the Feedback Certificate, is returned for all loans that receive a “Caution” credit risk class.

A CS/LTV Fee Level message does not mean that the loan is eligible for Freddie Mac purchase. Loans that receive a CS/LTV Fee Level message may be:

  • A-minus eligible, or
  • Caution loans that require manual underwriting and documentation

Always review the Purchase Eligibility section of the Feedback Certificate to determine whether your loan is eligible for Freddie Mac purchase. Caution loans receive one of the following results:

  • 500 Freddie Mac Eligible; LP A-minus Offering, indicates the loan is eligible for purchase by Freddie Mac as an A-minus loan with a postsettlement delivery fee. See example.

  • 000 Freddie Mac Eligible, indicates the loan may be eligible for purchase by Freddie Mac pending manual underwriting. You'll need to follow the requirements in Guide Chapter 37, and if the loan is delivered to Freddie Mac, it will incur additional postsettlement delivery fees. See example.

The CS/LTV postsettlement delivery fees are referenced in Exhibit 19 of the Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer Guide.

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